What to look for when buying Hereford Beef

Talk to your local butcher

The best place for advice before sourcing your beef is from a butcher. With their expertise and knowledge you will be able to discover what makes Hereford beef special. They can tell you how to prepare and cook your beef correctly ensuring you always get the best flavour. Ask your butcher about which cut would suit your planned recipe, they’re always willing to assist.

The meat should be dark (not bright) red – the darker the meat, the longer it has been aged by hanging to develop tenderness and flavour. Buying beef that has been aged for the right amount of time ensures tender succulent results. The fat should be creamy yellow (a distinctive characteristic of grass-fed beef, due to beta carotene, a pigment in the grass) not pearly white. The natural marbling of fat in Hereford beef results in a better flavour, as the tiny streaks of fat baste the meat during cooking. The meat should look dry and be slightly sticky, but not flabby. Look for beef that’s firm to the touch.

Minced beef should look red and varies in quality, depending on which part of the carcase the meat came from. Minced chuck has a high fat content, which makes juicy beef burgers and meatloaf, while minced sirloin is lean, with more flavour.

Choosing Good Quality Hereford Beef

Hereford cattle graze on lush green pastures providing plenty of nutrients for the animals, resulting in leaner, tastier, and better quality beef. Red meat is high in vitamins B12, B3, and B6, and is rich in iron, zinc, selenium, sodium, phosphorus, and potassium. Hereford beef comes from animals that have eaten a natural forage (grass and other plants found in pastures) based diet. The concentration of beneficial nutrients in grass-fed beef is far higher than that of grain-fed beef, indeed, it has higher levels of omega 3 polyunsaturated fats. Omega 3 has been shown to increase blood plasma, and contributes to a healthy heart when eaten in moderation lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.

The benefits of eating beef



Getting the Best out of Hereford Beef

  • Look for beef with a deep, dark red colour
  • Marbling is a great sign and we’re well-known for it!
  • The beef should have a slightly sticky feel, it’s a sign it’s been correctly hung before butchering which is a good thing!
  • Grass fed beef is healthier for you and means the cattle had a natural diet

Our beef is chosen by some of the best restaurateurs and chefs around the world and it’s a firm family favourite too. The celebrity chefs, the “Hairy Bikers” described our beef in their book ‘Food Tour of Britain’ as being perfect!

10 Reasons to Buy Hereford Beef

Content Courtesy of Carol Wilson.