Hereford Steak with Blue Cheese

Blue cheese works really well with beef.  In this recipe we use it together with a fruity chutney on top of a steak and use roasted vegetables as an alternative to the classic steak and chips. Serves: 4 Cooking Time: 8 minutes Ingredients: 4 lean rump, sirloin, picanha or flat iron steaks Salt and freshly milled black… Continue Reading

Spiced Hereford Beef and Chilli

Serves: 32 Cook Time:  12 minutes Ingredients:  675g/1½lb lean sirloin or rump steak 30ml/2tbsp paprika powder 10ml/2tsp mild chilli powder 15ml/1tbsp ground cumin powder Salt and freshly milled black pepper 45ml/3tbsp olive oil 2 x 162g packs prepared blinis (available at all good supermarkets in the chiller section) 30ml/2tbsp prepared tomato chutney 30ml/2tbsp prepared guacamole To… Continue Reading