Success of The Hereford at Co Fermanagh Farm

The Hereford has been introduced on a farm located in Fermanagh Lakelands, resulting in handsome dividends for Terry and Rosie Roberts. The couple decided to experiment with Herefords after their 200 strong herd ended up having a high proportion of black females. Rosie prompted the addition of the Hereford bull thanks to her happy memories… Continue Reading

Retailer of the Month: Verzon House

It would be a sin if we missed Verzon House off our retailer of the month list. The fine restaurant, situated in Trumpet, Herefordshire, is dedicated to serving their guests only the best local foods, including the one and only pedigree Herefordshire beef; they don’t just serve local foods, they champion it. Verzon House has… Continue Reading

The Perfect Match – Side Dishes for Hereford Beef Steak

Saturday is Valentine’s Day and many home chefs will be treating their loved ones to a romantic Hereford Beef steak dinner for two. We have many steak recipes here on Hereford Beef but what should you be serving as the side dish? Potatoes We all know that steak and chips is a classic combination, but… Continue Reading

Romantic Hereford Beef Recipes for Two

Valentine’s Day is almost here; a day to celebrate love and romance. What better way to treat your loved one to the finest grass fed Hereford Beef that has been lovingly cooked by your own hands? We have found three delicious romantic beef recipes for you to try, which one is your favourite? Filet Mignon… Continue Reading