hereford beef lasagne

Three Recipes for Hereford Mince Beef

Hereford mince beef is easy to find, you can ask your butcher for it and it’s available at many Co-operative, Ocado, Lidl and Sainsbury’s stores at the meat counter. Hereford mince is also very easy to cook with and there are lots of different recipes you can try if you’re bored of serving up the… Continue Reading

Protein found in Hereford Beef

Health Benefits of Protein Packed Hereford Beef

Protein is used in most parts of the body, from your muscles to your skin. It’s required to make the enzymes your body need to power the many chemical reactions that take place along with ensuring your blood has the required haemoglobin that delivers the oxygen in your blood. Protein is great stuff and Hereford… Continue Reading

Don’t Give up the Beef

Hereford Beef is Good for You This is the time of year when most of us are focused on improving our health and achieving our fitness goals. We cut back on fatty foods, say goodbye to chocolate for a while and exercise hard to shift the extra weight added over the Christmas holidays. One of… Continue Reading

Eating Hereford Beef as Part of a Healthy Diet

It’s that time of year when we’re all making changes in our lives. Two of the most common New Years Resolutions is dedicated to losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle. That often means cutting out a lot of the usual foods we enjoy and replacing them with healthier alternatives. The good news is Hereford… Continue Reading

Leftover Hereford beef recipes

3 Delicious Leftover Hereford Beef Recipes

No one likes to see food go to waste. If you enjoyed a delicious Hereford Beef New Years day dinner why not try out one or more of these excellent leftover Hereford beef recipes today. Hereford Beef Hot-Pot Haggerty This hot pot recipe takes about 40 minutes to cook and can be cooked using minced… Continue Reading