beef sandwiches

Three Perfect Beef Sandwiches for Packed Lunches

It’s almost time to pack the kids off to school once more. For many of us that means spending time each day preparing packed lunches that will hopefully be eaten and enjoyed. It’s very easy to stick to the same old options but you can make delicious pack lunches on a budget that will give… Continue Reading

Student beef recipes

The Perfect Beef Recipe for Students

 The A-level results are out and many students will be planning their new adventures in life as they head off to university. One of the things many students forget to plan for is eating and cooking meals. Popping home at tea-time will no longer be an option, and if you want a Sunday Roast it… Continue Reading

cured beef fillets with herbs

The Perfect Roast Beef Sandwiches for Sunny Days

Not everyone is happy to eat a full roast dinner when the weather is hot. The good news is you can enjoy beef all year round without having to sit and sweat while you’re eating it. We’ve found three delicious beef sandwiches that will ensure you satisfy your Hereford beef craving whether you’re off on… Continue Reading

Visit Your Local Farm Shops

As it’s the summer holidays it’s a great time to gather the kids and head out for a day down the farm. Farm shops are open all year round and they provide excellent produce that is locally grown, but sadly many children miss out on these trips due to school commitments. Farms shops are excellent… Continue Reading

Want the Perfect Steak? Here’s How to Cook it

Steak is a popular dish with many, but it’s one that can be difficult to get right. The problem is everyone has their own preferences, some like it raw others well-done and then there’s the people who like it in-between. However you like your steak it’s always a great idea to start off by choosing… Continue Reading