Buying Hereford Beef – Great British Beef Week

Great British Beef Week 2015 is well underway, have you had chance to enjoy some of Britain’s finest yet?  Last week we shared a few classic beef recipes for you to try and today we thought we’d share some beef buying tips for anyone new to the blog, looking to try some of our succulent… Continue Reading

Getting Hyped for Great British Beef Week

We’re counting down to Great British Beef week 2015 here at Hereford Week. The weeklong celebration of the finest Beef in Britain kicks off on April 23rd, to coincide with St. George’s Day, and ends on May 3rd. The event is run by Ladies in Beef,  a group of female beef farmers who have a… Continue Reading

burgerworks beef burger

Burgerworks – Hereford Beef’s Retailer of the Month

At only six months old, burgerworks have quickly gained an excellent reputation and they are already making waves in gourmet burger gastronomy. Located in Worcester, the small team of seven have made their mark by serving their guests only the finest local foods. They’re fully committed to quality, sourcing their Hereford Beef from Dayus Butchers,… Continue Reading

St. George’s Day Delectable Delights

St. George’s Day falls on April 23, 2015 and it’s the perfect day to treat the family to some delicious grub as it’s the feast day of Saint George.  There’s no better way to celebrate the National Day of England than by cooking up some delicious food and enjoying it with your family and friends…. Continue Reading

Three Delicious Recipes for Leftover Hereford Beef

Fed up of seeing your roast beef go to waste? Here are three delicious recipes that will reduce your waste and make sure you get the most out of your roast. The Roast Beef Sandwich What’s better than enjoying roast beef for dinner followed by some roast beef sandwiches for lunch? Not a lot. Add… Continue Reading