Green Pastures Make for the Finest Beef

Hereford Beef is known for being full of flavour, its succulence and lots of healthy omega 3 fats and antioxidants. Our beef has an excellent reputation, gaining fans from all over the world, from famous chefs to the best retailers, home cooks and restaurants in the country. In recent years the demand for Hereford beef has… Continue Reading

6 Reasons to Choose Hereford Beef

Whether you’re buying Hereford Beef to cook with in your own kitchen, on the barbecue or to serve to your paying guests, it’s good to know why you’re making such a good choice. Here are just a few reasons why you’ll feel confident in your decision. Benefits of Buying Hereford Beef Quality is the main focus… Continue Reading

Silcocks Farmshop Hereford Beef retailer of the month

Silcocks Farmshop – Hereford Beef Retailer of the Month!

We love to celebrate all retailers of Hereford Beef and give them a moment on the spotlight. This month we give the title to Silcocks Farmshop, located on St.Michaels, Tenterden. Not only do they supply organic Hereford Beef to their customers in their farm shop, they also breed, reared, matured and butcher it on their… Continue Reading

5 WImbledon Recipes

5 Wimbledon Recipes

The tension is beginning to mount as we prepare to enter the second week of Wimbledon. This is where the fun really begins, more highs and lows are coming and we’re going to need plenty of snacks to see us through all the rallies yet to come. Here are a few ideas for you to… Continue Reading