Grass-Fed Beef

Why is Grass-Fed Beef Good for You?

What are the health benefits that come from eating grass-fed beef such as Hereford Beef? Beef has a high nutritional value thanks to the fact that it’s a source of high quality protein; it contains all the amino acids, plenty of B vitamins, zinc and iron. Beef has mono-unsaturated and saturated fats that are believed… Continue Reading

The Beefy Boys

Let’s Hear it For The Beefy Boys

The Beefy Boys have done Hereford proud on the international stage once again, showing the world just how good their burgers really are. Results just in and we came 7th overall! our signature burger The Beefy Boy World Eater was ranked 2nd in the signature… Posted by The Beefy Boys on Sunday, 8 November 2015 The… Continue Reading

Fed up of Turkey for Christmas Dinner?

Do you always serve up Turkey for your Christmas dinner? Are you feeling it’s time to make a change? Perhaps you have some people in the family that don’t enjoy turkey, or maybe you’d like to be a bit different this year and experiment with the Christmas menu. There are plenty of options available to… Continue Reading

Hereford Beef A Rule of Tum Burger Shop

Retailer of the Month: A Rule of Tum Burger Shop

This month the Hereford Beef Retailer of the Month award goes to A Rule of Tum Burger Shop.  When you sample the menu, you’ll be treated to nothing but the finest foods and local seasonal ingredients that will delight your taste buds.  We asked Jon about why Hereford Beef was chosen for their menu, here’s… Continue Reading

easy beef recipes

3 Beefy Dishes for Cold Autumn Nights

Bonfire Night is a fun family night that really makes you appreciate autumn and begin preparing for winter. Heading to a firework display is a fun treat for all ages, wrapping up in warm coats, gloves and scarves. But the best bit is coming back to a warm home and snacking on a delish autumn… Continue Reading