How to Boost Your Iron Intake with Hereford Beef

We need iron to remain healthy and strong. In the UK, almost 50% of women of child-bearing age have a low iron intake. When your iron stores are low or if you have iron deficiency you can experience anaemia, the symptoms include: Tiredness Low attention span Irritability Lack of appetite You should always speak to… Continue Reading

How to Make a Delicious Beef Stew

Beef stew often gets overlooked by home cooks who choose other warming recipes such as bourguignon instead. The stew shouldn’t be overlooked. Slow cooked stews, especially those made with naturally tender Hereford beef are packed full of goodness and flavour. There’s nothing wrong with a delicious goulash, but you really can’t beat a British beef stew. … Continue Reading

Cooking with November’s Seasonal Foods

November is the time to start cooking those warming family favourite dishes. These are the recipes that provide plenty of nutritional value and warm up cold bones. These are the dishes that many of us consider to be the best comfort foods. Served with potatoes and plenty of vegetables, we are left with full tummies… Continue Reading

3 Bonfire Night Recipes

There’s nothing quite like warming up with deliciously warm and comfortable foods before, during and after watching fireworks with the family. Here are three delicious bonfire night recipes you can make at home that will be embedded in your happy memories for years to come. Creamy Tomato Soup It’s easy to open a can of… Continue Reading