Plan Your Easter Beef Feast

beef feast

4 Delicious Beef Feasts to Serve Your Family This Easter

Roast côte de Boeuf by Angela Hartnett

Why spend hours waiting for your beef to cook when it can be done in just over 10 minutes? Angela Hartnett has the perfect recipe for anyone who wants amazing food without spending hours in the kitchen. Roast côte de Boeuf is one rib taken from a rib roast of beef – it’s basically like a pork chop. Ask your butcher for 700g single rib of Hereford beef for every 2 people.

Roast Hereford Topside with Fennel

This roasting joint is made extra special thanks to the addition of the delicious crust made from garlic cloves, chilli flakes, olive oil and crushed fennel seeds. It’s the perfect impressive Easter feast that everyone will love.  It takes 1 hour 15 minutes for 3lb lean topside joint. The roast Hereford topside with fennel recipe will serve up to 6 people.

Slow-Roast Beef with Pepper and Rosemary Crust and Onions

This Sunday roast takes around 2 and a half hours to cook in the oven and half an hours’ resting time.  It serves 10 people so it’s perfect for larger gatherings this Easter. It’s super easy to prepare so there’s no need to feel overwhelmed. You’ll need to ask your butcher for 1.5kg of Hereford topside beef joint.

Beef Tacos

Fancy something completely different? If you’re fed up of roast dinners you might like this simple beef taco recipe by Jamie Oliver. You’ll need to ask for 500g of Hereford minced beef (available from many supermarkets in the UK) and 250g of organic beef stock. Click here for the recipe and make this Easter stand out for all the right reasons.