3 Hereford Beef Brisket Recipes

Hereford beef brisket is one of the cheaper cuts of beef that can be turned into an incredibly tasty and satisfying dish. The brisket runs from the bottom of the neck to under the rib cage. It’s commonly used in America for smoking, salt beef and barbecuing, but we use it more for pot roasts and casseroles in the UK. Today we’re sharing three delicious Hereford beef brisket recipes that we recommend you try at home.

Hereford Brisket with Mushrooms

You need a 3lb/1.3kg lean brisket for this recipe but it also works well with a silverside joint. It takes 8 – 10 hours to cook in a slow cooker on a low setting, 4 to 6 hours in a high setting, but it’s worth waiting for.  Click here for the Hereford brisket recipe and list of ingredients.

Hereford Pulled Beef Brisket

This brisket recipe takes 3 hours 30 minutes to cook in a low over. Pull the meat before serving with some creamy mash potatoes and you’ll have 8 happy guests. Click here for the full list of ingredients and the simple recipe. Ask your butcher for a 3lb lean brisket joint.

Hereford Beef Brisket with Brown Ale

If you love brown ale and beef we have the perfect recipe for you.  The 3lb lean brisket joint is marinated overnight and cooked for two hours at gas mark 5.  Serve with vegetables and use the juices to make a delicious gravy. Here’s the list of ingredients and the recipe.

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