AHDB Introduces New Guides to Support Nutritional Promotion of Red Meat

Fillet of Hereford Beef RecipeAHDB has created new guidance on the health claims that can be made about lamb, pork and beef to assist retailers, producers and processors of red meat. The AHDB have worked together with trading standards to establish 70 key nutritional messages. These new messages have been fully approved and will help to send correct informational and positive messages regarding lamb, pork and beef. There are three separate Nutrition and Health Claim Regulation guides that can now be accessed online to help support UK marketing.

AHDB conducted their own research, which showed that health is now a more prominent driver for consumers when buying food. Often the consumption of beef, pork and lamb as a healthy diet is still undermined and challenged due to negative fallacies. It is hoped that the new guides will give those promoting these three types of meat the information and encouragement required to share accurate nutritional benefits with an aim to help consumers understand the benefits of eating beef, pork and lamb as part of a balanced diet.

The new claims included in the guide can be used in a variety of materials, from recipe cards, shelf edges, labeling, on websites and other forms of advertising. If you’d like to read through the benefits you can do so by visiting http://meatandhealth.redmeatinfo.com/health-professionals/health-claim-guides.aspx

Hard copies are also available from the ADHB, simply email your request to health.claims@adhb.org.uk