Chef Tips: How to Use the Whole Carcase

AHDB Beef and Lamb offers excellent advice on how to increase whole carcase use.  The tips were provided by six of the top British chefs and they concern using whole beef and lamb carcase in food preparation. The purpose is to reduce wastage, ensure excellent value for money and to increase the depth of flavour achieved in the dishes.  The information will be made available via easy to consume videos, great to watch and easy to share with friends and family. The first two of the six videos are now available, and more will be added in the weeks to come.

In the first video, Chris Wheeler talks about lamb and the viewers are guided through his luxurious shepherd’s pie recipe. The second video focuses on Dez Turland’s Tongue in Cheek dish, made using beef.

Top Quality British Beef and Lamb

British beef, such as Hereford Beef, and lamb is considered to be excellent quality. The whole carcase can be used in dishes to increase the flavour. This method is being encouraged for the entire food industry, but it’s also something that can be inspirational for home cooks to watch and learn more about.

Restaurants and the food service in Britain is very important to farmers of beef and lamb. It is these top chefs and restaurants that go on top inspire home cooks and encourage people to try new dishes. These are where trends are set and sharing knowledge such as whole carcase use will hopefully inspire more people to get the most from their lamb and beef. Click here for further information.