Perfect Your Roast Beef Dinners

Roast beef dinner

It’s finally to feel a bit more like autumn, the nights are cooler and the mornings darker. It’s good news for fans of autumn and for anyone who tends to avoid eating roast dinners in the summer. Now you can enjoy your roasts on a Sunday and benefit from the warmth it delivers from the inside out.

If you’re still mastering the art of cooking Hereford roast beef we have gathered a few tips that will help you to perfect the art.

Pick the Best Joint of Hereford Beef

When cooking a roast beef dinner the best joints to choose are either a sirloin, fillet or rib of beef. Rib is considered to be the most favourable for many as the beef is on the bone, which makes the joint tastier when cooked.

Look for a good joint; you want a natural dark colour and a good layer of fat to add to the flavour. Hereford Beef is perfect as there is natural marbling through the joint so it remains succulent and it prevents drying out.

Room Temperature

Never put the joint straight in the oven from the fridge. It’s best to let it stand out of the fridge until it reaches room temperature. Remember to calculate this into your cooking times to avoid being rushed.

Listen to the Celebrity Chefs

If you watch cooking shows on television you will have heard them talking about resting meat once it’s cooked. This is an essential part of cooking meat and if you’re not resting yours we recommend you begin getting into the habit, it makes a big difference. By resting the joint is able to relax and the meat juices are able to seep through the joint and back into the roasting tin. These juices make excellent gravy and the meat will be tender and soft.

If you’re in the mood to cook a delicious roast dinner why not try our Hereford Rib with Kumquats recipe this weekend.