Heggies of Hereford

Heggies of Hereford Hereford Beef

Heggies of Hereford are our Retailer of the Month. Heggies have been around since the mid 1950’s and are situated in the lush pastures of the Herefordshire countryside. They are committed to sourcing local products and work hard to ensure all of their customers enjoy only the finest Hereford Beef.

Shopping for the Finest Beef Online

Not everyone has time to go to their local butchers and other people may find it difficult to source Hereford Beef in their own area. Heggies provide a simply online ordering service selling Hereford Beef and other delicious meats such as lamb, pork and poultry.

Hereford beef can be purchased in a variety of ways, as mince, rump steaks, top side, silver side, steak chunks, rolled sirloin, rib of beef and many more cuts are available on the Heggies website. We particularly love the Hereford Beef Hamper. This is hugely popular and includes an abundance of locally sources Hereford Beef from farmer Thomas, located in Risbury.

Within the Standard Hereford Beef Hamper you’ll find:

  • Steak pie
  • Rump steaks
  • Sirloin steaks
  • Steak burgers
  • Stewing steak
  • Mined beef
  • Stewing beef
  • Roasting joint

Along with a jar of horseradish, beef gravy and mustard.  We recommend Heggies of Hereford so why not pop over to their website and treat your family to some delectable meats and Hereford Beef.