3 Beef Recipes to Welcome in the New Year

What better way to welcome 2016 than with some good food. Here are three delicious beef recipes to serve your family, or to save for another day if you’re feeling slightly worse for wear.

Hogmanay Steak Pie

Love a good pie? Try this traditional steak pie that is served on Hogmanay Night and New Year’s Day. The gravy is rich, the steak is tender and it can even be made the night before if you want to save yourself some time the following day.  You’ll need 6 Hereford rump steaks to serve 6 people, double up if you’re expecting a crowd or if you’d like some for leftovers. Find the full recipe and method here.

Teriyaki Beef & Lettuce Cups

If you don’t want to have a full on sit down meal on New Year’s Day stick to easy to eat finger foods instead. The Teriyaki beef and lettuce cups give you a taste of Asia and only take 10 minutes to prepare and 5 minutes to cook. Here’s the recipe and the method.  Ask your butcher for 350g of trimmed Hereford sirloin steaks.

Roast Hereford Topside with Fennel

The crushed fennel seeds and garlic cloves along with the dried chilli flakes make the ideal festive feast to serve family and friends. Ask your butcher for 2lb of lean Hereford topside to serve 6 people comfortably. Find the full recipe and method here.

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