Top 5 Burger Tips from The Beefy Boys!

Beefy Boys Top 5 Burger Tips

Beefy Boys Top 5 Burger Tips

We’re massive fans of The Beefy Boys, creators of the World’s Best Burger, here at Hereford Beef. The Beefy Boys made our retailer of the month back in December and now they’ve been kind enough to share their top five burger tips with us, and you! If you want to recreate that sumptuous Beefy Boys burger taste in your own home or garden (and we know you do), have a read and try out these tips using Hereford beef.

Droppin’ Burger Science by Murf of The Beefy Boys

Tip One – The patty

When it comes to your burger patty there’s a million and one thing’s you can do, but to our mind a burger should be made of one thing and one thing only…Meat, no binders, no breadcrumbs and definitely no egg, if you’ve got good quality meat you don’t need anything else. We recommend Hereford Beef if you can get it dry aged for a minimum of 28 days. Get friendly with your butcher and try experiment there’s a whole host of cuts you can use to make your burger, Fillet, Sirloin, Brisket, Short Rib even bone marrow can be used in your blend, just remember fat is Flavour!

Tip Two – Cheese

In our opinion Cheese is an essential part of any burger, it’s the glue which holds the whole thing together (all The Beefy boys have a little cry inside when someone orders one of our burgers without cheese, they’re missing out on half the fun!). Try as many different combinations and types of cheese as you want, we believe it’s important that the cheese has a low melting point and isn’t too strong in flavour to overpower the meat (which should really be the star of the show)

Tip Three – Gherkin or not to Gherkin

This is the Marmite of the burger world and even The Beefy Boys don’t all agree. In my opinion a dill pickle is the perfect thing to cut through the fatty juicy meat flavours of a decent burger clearing the palette ready for the next bite, to others the pickle is a vinegary cucumber from hell destined to be removed and thrown on the floor. My advice is give it a go, don’t let bad experiences of limp fast food gherkins put you off, you are missing out on a whole world of pickled flavour.

Tip Four – The Bun

There’s many different ways you can approach the bun for your perfect burger.  Brioche, sourdough? Test out your options the most important point for us is, the bun needs to hold its shape and not fall to pieces or get soggy as it gets soaked in juice, sauce and cheese.

Tip Five – The Sauce

There are many different condiments you can have with a burger, we’ve got our secret Special Sauce that has been a key ingredient of our award winning burgers in all the competitions we’ve won. I can’t tell you what’s in it as I would literally have to kill you and erase your existence from history. Our Special Sauce came from trial and error and it ticks all the flavour boxes, creamy tangy and a perfect addition to our delicious burgers. If you haven’t got the time to experiment there’s always the classic Ketchup and Mustard combo, but remember it’s got to be American mustard as it has that sweet tang that you don’t get with the more fiery English version. Don’t let that rule British condiments out however; we’ve got a dynamite burger sauce known as ‘the gentleman’ that contains a combination of horse radish, English mustard, mayonnaise and gentleman’s relish. The secret as with all burger related business is experimentation.

So there you have it, five amazing tips that will help you to master the home made burger and delight your taste buds. We highly recommend you take the time to go and try a Beefy Boys burger yourself, find out where and when by clicking here.