Buying Hereford Beef – Great British Beef Week


Great British Beef Week 2015 is well underway, have you had chance to enjoy some of Britain’s finest yet?  Last week we shared a few classic beef recipes for you to try and today we thought we’d share some beef buying tips for anyone new to the blog, looking to try some of our succulent meat in your home made recipes this week.

Get to Know Your Local Butcher and Independent Farm Shops

We recommend discovering your local butchers and farm shops and discovering their Hereford Beef along with their other produce. Buying locally supports the local economy but also helps you to know where your food comes from. You can also ask for your cuts of beef to be prepared for you, ideal if you’re not too confident in the kitchen or if you simply want to save yourself some time.

If You Can’t Buy Local, Buy British in the Supermarket

We’re proud to be found in many of the big supermarket chains across the UK, both on the high street and online. You’ll find pre-packed Hereford Beef along with Hereford Beef at some of the meat counters in stores such as:

  • Co-Operative
  • Waitrose
  • Sainsbury’s
  • Ocardo

Marbling is What You Want to See

Hereford Beef has natural marbling running through the meat. These layers of fat melt during the cooking process, providing natural basting, leaving the meat with a taste that is second to none.

Red, Firm and Dry Beef is Best

Retailers of Hereford Beef will make sure it’s hung for a period of time so it matures to perfection. The meat has a dry appearance and is sticky to touch – this is what to look for.  Don’t buy any beef if the meat appears to be soft and squidgy.  The beef should also be a dark red, this is another sign that the meat is matured and will provide you with a tender dish.

Now you know what to buy, head on over to our beef recipes page and try one out for yourself. Come and show us your results by tagging @HerefordBeefUK on Twitter or uploading your photo to our Facebook Page.