The Chilli Con Carne Cook Off – Beef Recipes

Spring is the perfect time to get the chilli slow cooking. It’s the perfect meal for the late evenings that we’re enjoying when there’s still a bit of a chill in the air. We thought we’d put together a collection of chilli con Carne recipes from some of the world’s most famous celebrity chefs. Why not give one or more a try using Hereford Beef mince and let us know your thoughts on our Facebook page or by sending @HerefordBeef a Tweet?

Source: Channel Four Food

Gordon Ramsey’s Chilli Con Carne Recipe

Gordon shared this spicy chilli recipe on The F Word on channel Four. The recipe serves between 4 – 6 people and takes in total 50 minutes to make including preparation time.

Jamie Oliver’s Good Old Chilli Con Carne Recipe

Jamie Oliver Chilli

Jamie describes his chilli as a winter warmer but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it in spring too! It’s a super easy recipe that serves 6 people and takes an hour and a quarter to cook.

Hairy Biker’s Chilli Con Carne

The Hairy Biker’s love a bit of Hereford beef and we love their recipes. This one uses 500g of lean beef 10 % less fat (you can find the perfect Hereford mince beef from and is only 302 calories per portion when serving 5.

If you fancy some bitter chocolate with your Hereford beef chilli click on the link to watch the Hairy Biker’s create the delicious dish on BBC Food.