Eastnor Chilli Festival 2014 – A Hot Success

Hereford Beef Chilli

The Eastnor Chilli Festival has been drawing in the crowds for years but the 2014 festival, which took place over the May Bank Holiday weekend, was bigger and better than ever before.

The weekend was packed full of fun, with chilli eating contests, cookery shows and there were more than 50 stalls that were all full of delicious chutney’s, a huge variety of chillies, mouth-watering wines and chocolate so you could make your own chilli when you got home.

Chilli is the perfect feel good food, it’s easy to share and it’s a great dish that tastes better when you’re having seconds later in the week (chilli-dog anyone?). It’s a dish that is very easy to make your own, customising it to your own taste.You can add beans or leave them out as the Texas Style chilli is completely bean and vegetable free focusing only on the meat and chilli. Take control of the spicing too, if you like it hot add cayenne pepper – if you prefer a milder chilli simply stick with the chilli and cumin spices and cool things down with some sour cream. The other great thing about chilli is it’s easy to encourage your family to eat a good portion of vegetables. Adding peppers, carrots and even sweet potato will work well and introduce lots of extra vitamins into the meal.

If you were unable to make the Chilli Festival there’s no need to feel like you’ve missed out, you can always hold a chilli party of your own for your family and friends with our Hereford Beef recipe. All you need is a lean sirloin if you’re looking for a healthy option or a sumptuous rump steak and our Spiced Hereford Beef Chilli recipe, just click the link.

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