Co-operative Group Launch New Calf Scheme for Dairy and Beef Supply Chains

The newly launched Calf scheme connects farmers of the Co-Operative Dairy Group with their beef producers. By doing so the Co-operative now ensure that the calves from the dairy farms will now remain in their own supply chain. The scheme connects Muller Wiseman, the Co-operatives milk processor, with ABP and Dunbia, the two beef suppliers. One of the main aims of the scheme is to fully address animal welfare issues head on.

The calves from the 200 farms in the Co-Operative Dairy Group include Herefords and other pure-bred calves along with native and continental crosses.  Unlike other retailers who currently have around 10 farmers in their own schemes, the Co-operative will now have an option for their 200 farmers that meet the required specification of the scheme. Currently, 41 dairy farmers have decided to sign up for the scheme since last autumn.

All of the Hereford calves will now go into the top range, Truly Irresistible, and the rest of the calves sired will go into the Co-operatives Standard beef range. Dunbia provides Co-operative with 75% of the beef, making the suppliers a vital part of the scheme. Dunbia have since invested in 16 rearing units.

The Co-operative is one of the retailers that sell Hereford Beef, find more here.

More information can be found here.