Grass Fed Beef is Healthier and Tastes Fantastic

Grass fed cattle

Grass fed beef is getting a lot of attention and for good reason. Consumers are caring more about what they eat. They want to know where it’s from, how it is raised and treated and whether it’s healthy. This is great news for everyone; we are what we eat after all.

A Natural Diet for the Best Taste

Hereford Cattle enjoy a great life. They aren’t fed any grains, they get to do what they love most, graze the country side while chewing on the freshest grass.  It’s a simple food with nothing added to it so it tastes delicious. They have a great life and living in natural conditions, so they’re happy and this reflects in the meat that ends up on your plate.

All of the Hereford cattle farmers are compliant with high standards that are set out by agencies such as the EU and DEFRA. Each piece of meat can be traced back to when it was born; even its ancestry is known. Thanks to the life of the cattle and the all-natural diet the beef is of the best quality. It has a natural marbling – creating succulent meals that are tender and full of natural flavour.

Healthy Hereford Beef on the Menu

The other bonus to be found in Hereford beef is that it has increased levels of the essential fatty acid omega-3.  Scientists have proved that the omega-3 is thanks to the grass diet of the Hereford Cattle, but that’s not all. Grass is also to thank for the better colour found in our beef and the longer shelf-life.

If you want the best make sure you choose grass fed 100% Hereford Beef for your family. You’ll taste the difference in quality.  Check out our wide selection of delicious beef recipes that can be found on our website and over on our Pinterest board.