Essential BBQ Tips

Barbecue tips from Hereford Beef

We’ve been enjoying some great weather in the UK of late. Hopefully there’s still plenty more to come throughout the summer so we’ll all have plenty of opportunities to throw some Hereford beef steaks and beef burgers on the BBQ.

When it comes to cooking on a barbecue it’s easy to get things wrong and there’s nothing worse than giving your friends and family foods that aren’t grilled to perfection. So we thought we’d share some useful BBQ tips with you to ensure you eat well when dining al fresco this summer.

  • Light the barbecue in plenty of time before you start cooking. This is especially important if you’re using coals rather than a gas barbecue. The coals need to reach a suitable temperature before you begin cooking and if you’re inviting people round you’ll be able to start preparing the food as soon as they arrive.
  • Add flavour to your BBQ menu by marinating overnight (or for two hours if you’re adding salt to your marinade. Don’t forget the seasoning either and bring out plenty of condiments for your guests and family to use.  Also remember to let your meats and vegetables come out of the fridge around two hours before you plan cooking. The meat needs to cook evenly and this is often a problem when using a BBQ as the cold centre takes longer to cook than the outside.
  • Don’t forget to bring more to the barbecue than just the meat. Other excellent foods to grill include corn on the cob, fruit and vegetable kebabs, bananas and fish. Make a big bowl of salad for everyone to tuck into too.
  • Slow down! Once the meat is cooked many hosts serve it straight away. Let all of your meat rest after barbecuing so it is served at its best. Cover the meat with foil for approximately ten minutes before letting your diners tuck in.

Here are a couple of excellent Hereford Beef recipes to try out on your BBQ this summer:

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