Perfect Hereford Beef Recipes for the World Cup

The World Cup begins on June 12, 2014. The whole country will be going football crazy for a month. England’s first match against Italy takes place on June 14 2014, broadcast by the BBC beginning at 11pm, will you be watching?

Despite the time difference we know the England supporters (and non-believers) will be watching. All that emotion takes up energy so we have two perfect Hereford beef recipes for you to share with your family and your mates for all the World Cup parties that will be taking place over the next month.

Hereford Beef Thai Curry

Hereford beef Curry Recipe

Who doesn’t love a good curry night? Curry and football are the perfect combination so try your hand at our Hereford Beef Thai Curry Recipe. The recipe uses a boneless shin of beef or you can use braising beef if you prefer. It serves four people but if you have more people coming over simply double up the ingredients.

Slow Cooked Hereford Beef with Gnocchi

Slow cooked Hereford Beef Recipe

If you’re planning an all-day World Cup marathon try out slow cooked Hereford Beef recipe with Gnocchi. Prepare it in the morning and leave it on to gently cook for two and a half hours. Once it’s ready leave the slow cooker on warm so you can dip in and out throughout your footy session. The best cuts for this recipe are shin, leg, neck and shoulder, ask your butchers to cut it into one inch cubes for you.

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