Hereford Beef Recipes to Enjoy Over the Holidays

Hereford beef casserole recipe


A lot of families enjoy sitting down to roast Hereford beef on Christmas day. Others like to dedicate other days to the beef joint. Whether you eat beef on Christmas Day, Boxing Day or any other day during the festiveholidays, we have a great recipe for you.

Happy Herefords’ Cheats Pastrami

Snacking and buffets are hugely popular at this time of year. It’s great for families, friends, nights in and social gatherings. Here’s a brilliant recipe from Happy Herefords that requires a 2kg joint of Hereford beef silverside or brisket (available from Happy Herefords or your local butcher/farm shop or supermarket). Once you’ve made the pastrami, slice it very thinly, warm in a pan or enjoy cold. Find the complete list of ingredients and easy to follow method, here.

Hereford Beef, Stout and Chestnut Casserole

Perfect for cold days, to return to after a day of shopping or walking the dog, this is an easy recipe that requires 1kg of Hereford braising steak. Cube the steak and brown in a pan before adding to the rest ofthe ingredients in a casserole dish. The recipe takes 2 and a half hours tocook and can even be used for meal planning during busy weeks. Find the ingredientsand recipe for our Herefordbeef and stout casserole, here.

Roast Sirloin of Beef with Bone Marrow Sauce

Robert Thompson has created a delicious dish that requires800g of Hereford sirloin of beef. This is a great recipe for special occasions, perhaps New Years Eve for example. Try this recipe if you want to test your skills or try something new and exciting. Find the list of ingredients and the method, here.

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