What Are the 8 Primal Cuts of Beef?

Here’s a great infographic sharing information regarding the American 8 primal cuts of beef.

This Infographic is designed by Jack Thompson from BroBBQ

Within each of the individual 8 primal cuts of beef are sub-primal cuts. Let’s delve further to ensure that you know what to ask your butcher when shopping for Hereford beef.

The American 8 Primal Cuts of Beef

  1. Shank
  2. Brisket
  3. Rib
  4. Short Plate
  5. Flank
  6. Round
  7. Chuck
  8. Loin

The sub-primal cuts total more than 100, so we won’t be going into all of them today, we’d all be here a very long time. What we will do is look at some of the most common cuts, many of which are used in our selection of Hereford beef recipes.


The sub-primal cuts are brisket point and brisket plate. The best use of brisket are recipes that include slow cooking, braising, stewing or smoking. Here’s a great recipe to try with Hereford beef brisket, our brilliant Hereford beef curry recipe.


The sub-primal cuts are short rib, rib steak, ribeye steak, back ribs and prime rib. Cook rib at high temperatures for short amounts of time for the best results. Here’s our recipe for Hereford rib and red wine gravy.


The sub-primal cuts are flank steak, London broil and mince beef. Marinating flank steak delivers excellent results when cooking. One of our favourite flank recipes is the Cornriggs Hereford Steak Pie recipe, it’s delicious!

Find out more about the American primal cuts of beef and the various sub-primal cuts by clicking here. We also share information on our home page, look for the beef cut diagram and click on the different cuts to find some great recipes.