Want the Perfect Steak? Here’s How to Cook it

Steak is a popular dish with many, but it’s one that can be difficult to get right. The problem is everyone has their own preferences, some like it raw others well-done and then there’s the people who like it in-between. However you like your steak it’s always a great idea to start off by choosing a Hereford Beef Steak. The natural marbling and healthy grass diet of the cattle ensures the meat will taste great; however you cook it, especially if you follow these tips.

  1. Take the steaks out of the fridge; they need time to warm up before cooking. Some people find it’s best to wrap the meat in some cling film before placing in warm water for about an hour but you can achieve great results by letting it come to room temperature, which takes around an hour or two. One the meat has reached a suitable temperature pat the surface dry in order to achieve a tasty crust when cooking.
  2.  Season your steaks with salt, be generous and then allow the meat to stand for a few minutes. Some chefs also add some extra seasoning half way through cooking too. The added salt will add to a salty crusty layer, so if that’s how you like your steak why not give it a try.
  3. You can add fat to the pan or to the steak itself but if you have a healthy rib eye steak it will have enough fat to sizzle on contact with the pan.  An alternative is to smear butter on the steak once it has browned off nicely. Just make sure you don’t add it too soon or the butter could burn.
  4. If you want a delicious char on your meat it’s a good idea to turn the heat up high before adding your steak. If you prefer a less charred exterior a moderate heat will be better for you. If you want to make sure you have a succulent centre with a charred outside make sure you buy a thick steak as it will be able to withstand a moderate heat without overcooking.
  5. Finally remember to flip the steak during cooking. The flipping will help the meat to cook through evenly and cook much faster too.

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