Warm Up with Hereford Beef Curry

Hereford beef curry recipes

3 Beef Curry Recipes

It’s certainly colder now that autumn has officially kicked in. Evenings are dark and the colder temperatures have resulted in many of us putting on the heating and choosing to eat our favourite comfort foods. Today we’re sharing Hereford beef curry recipes that taste delicious and will certainly help to keep you warm as the colder weather continues.

Brilliant Hereford Beef Curry

You can use any Hereford beef joint to make this tasty and fragrant curry. It’s perfect for larger families but you can also cook up a big batch to freeze for those days when you can’t face cooking.  You’ll need quite a lot of ingredients for the marinade but don’t let that put you off trying out this recipe.  Apply your homemade marinade to the beef and refrigerate for between 12 and 24 hours to allow the meat to tenderise and so the beef can take on the flavours of the carefully chosen spices. Find the full list of ingredients and the method, here.

Slow Cooker Beef Curry

This is a recipe from BBC Good Food. It’s ideal if you want to come home to a delicious curry after a long day at work.  Prepare in the evening, put it on to cook throughout the day in the slow cooker and enjoy when you get home.  Click here for the list of ingredients and the cooking method.

Delia’s Beef Curry Dopiaza

Delia makes no claims that this is an authentic recipe but she does say it’s as good as any she has tasted. This recipe serves 4 people and the onions are very thick and spicy to add lots of flavour. Find Delia’s recipe and method, here.

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