October Retailer of the Month – Stilton Butchers

Not every butcher, restaurant owner or supermarket is able to rear their own herd of Hereford Cattle to ensure their customers get the finest meat possible. They don’t have the land or the space to hang the beef so it matures to perfection. This is where wholesale retailers come in. They do an important job, providing the finest Hereford beef and other quality meats to those who need it and this is why our October Retailer of the Month goes to Stilton Butchers.

Stilton Butchers started life in 1978 when Peter Morgan opened his first butcher shop in a picturesque village called Stilton. Over the years the business grew, with several butcher shops opening until Peter realised there was a large demand for quality meats in the catering industry. Move on to present day and Peter, along with his son James Morgan, now run a wholesale business, supplying award winning Hereford Beef and other quality meats all over the country.  They are online butchers and their meat is transported to homes, local cafés, bars and fine dining restaurants to be turned into masterpieces by Michelin Star chefs.

“Hereford Beef makes our life so much easier at Stilton Butchers. The quality and consistency is second to none.” James Mason

Ordering online is easy thanks to the easy to use website, and Stilton Butchers supply everything from Hereford Beef Dry Aged Fillet Steaks to premium selection boxes. If you’d like to try out their popular service and receive some quality meats you could start with the Stilton Starter Pack, suitable for home freezing.

Stilton Butchers are on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Give them a follow and don’t forget to look out for their competitions and special offers. You can also watch the masters at work over on the Stilton Butchers YouTube Channel.