Grass-Fed Beef

Why is Grass-Fed Beef Good for You?

What are the health benefits that come from eating grass-fed beef such as Hereford Beef? Beef has a high nutritional value thanks to the fact that it’s a source of high quality protein; it contains all the amino acids, plenty of B vitamins, zinc and iron. Beef has mono-unsaturated and saturated fats that are believed… Continue Reading

Don’t Give up the Beef

Hereford Beef is Good for You This is the time of year when most of us are focused on improving our health and achieving our fitness goals. We cut back on fatty foods, say goodbye to chocolate for a while and exercise hard to shift the extra weight added over the Christmas holidays. One of… Continue Reading

Grass Fed Beef is Healthier and Tastes Fantastic

Grass fed beef is getting a lot of attention and for good reason. Consumers are caring more about what they eat. They want to know where it’s from, how it is raised and treated and whether it’s healthy. This is great news for everyone; we are what we eat after all. A Natural Diet for… Continue Reading