St.Patrick’s Day Hereford Beef Stew

Whether you’re joining in on the festivities or not you can still enjoy some traditional tastes with our take on Irish stew using Hereford Beef. This one is best done in a slow cooker but you can easily replicate using a large pan kept on your hob at a medium-low heat and stirred intermittently over 3-4 hours.

Valentine’s Steak and Chips

There’s nothing better than a juicy steak, a pile of chunky chips and some charred asparagus, so why have anything else? Stay home and have the perfect romantic evening in, starting with this recipe using Hereford Beef.

Hereford Beef Curry

A rich and warming beef curry, made with any joint suitable for slow cooking. This is a fragrant and tasty dish, perfect for making in large quantities and entertaining as it can all be done in advance. 

Hereford Beef Ramen

This warming, spicy bowl of goodness is a comforting winter warmer which will leave you feeling great!

Hereford Beef ‘Wellington’

This is a superb celebratory dish, perfect for Christmas. The component parts can be done the day before so you can enjoy entertaining friends and family. 

Alfresco Hereford Beef

An elegant spring or summer twist to the traditional Sunday roast, silverside, topside or sirloin joint marinated in rose wine and herbs and served with roasted garlic and red onions for a special family lunch.