Hereford Beef Salad Recipes: Perfect for Summer

The warmer weather is gracing us with its presence already. It’s time to dash on the sunscreen and let the body absorb some precious Vitamin D. We can’t let this weather go to waste! One problem with the warmer weather is that it can reduce appetites, especially when the weather creeps up into the mid-twenties…. Continue Reading

Romantic Hereford Beef Recipes for Two

Valentine’s Day is almost here; a day to celebrate love and romance. What better way to treat your loved one to the finest grass fed Hereford Beef that has been lovingly cooked by your own hands? We have found three delicious romantic beef recipes for you to try, which one is your favourite? Filet Mignon… Continue Reading

Want the Perfect Steak? Here’s How to Cook it

Steak is a popular dish with many, but it’s one that can be difficult to get right. The problem is everyone has their own preferences, some like it raw others well-done and then there’s the people who like it in-between. However you like your steak it’s always a great idea to start off by choosing… Continue Reading

Perfect Hereford Beef Recipes for the World Cup

The World Cup begins on June 12, 2014. The whole country will be going football crazy for a month. England’s first match against Italy takes place on June 14 2014, broadcast by the BBC beginning at 11pm, will you be watching? Despite the time difference we know the England supporters (and non-believers) will be watching…. Continue Reading