Hereford Beef Curry

A rich and warming beef curry, made with any joint suitable for slow cooking. This is a fragrant and tasty dish, perfect for making in large quantities and entertaining as it can all be done in advance. 

Guy Fawkes Night Hereford Beef Recipes

Hereford Pulled Beef Brisket

This brisket joint is cooked very slowly in a low oven, with tomatoes, barbecue sauce, honey, Worcestershire sauce, stock and smoked paprika. We recommend serving it in a baguette with homemade cucumber and onion pickle or with creamy mash.

Hereford Beef Brisket with Brown Ale

Pot roasting is an ancient cooking method dating back to prehistoric times. Clay, bronze and copper pots were hung over the open fire and meat, vegetables and water slowly cooked – we’ve moved on.

Braised Hereford Beef & Stout

Stout Braised Hereford Beef

This stout braised beef is perfect for any time of the year! Although it takes a while to cook, this a simple recipe that creates tender, flavoursome beef.