Healthy Living Meal Prep with Hereford Beef

Our simple recipe for a well balanced and flavour packed lunch box only takes 30minutes to prep and cook. You’ll be thanking yourself tomorrow when you grab this straight from the fridge and go.

Hereford Beef Burgers with Cheese

This is an all-time favourite recipe. Hereford Beef mince seasoned, shaped into burgers and finished with slices of cheese. A fail-safe burger recipe for the barbecue.

Hereford Beef Burger

Hereford Beef Burger

An easy recipe for homemade burgers: we’ve added sun-dried tomatoes to ours but you can stack yours with cheese, bacon, lettuce and any other of your favourite ingredients.

Hereford Beef Thai Curry

A wonderful curry made with boneless shin of beef with a combination of Thai spices and creamy coconut milk. Great for any weekend supper party.

Hereford Roast Beef Sticky Pancakes

A version of the popular Chinese dish, great for a family weekend supper. Roast beef with a sticky seasoning served in rice pancakes with salad. Ideal for using leftover roast beef.

Hereford Beef

Crispy Hereford Roast Beef with Herbs

This simple roast beef recipe uses herbs that you may already have in your cupboard to provide a crispy coating for the beef. The pasta, asparagus and cherry tomato salad provides a wonderful accompaniment for a nice light roast meal.