Robert Parker Hotels Serving Hereford Beef to Guests

Good news for anyone planning on staying at one of the Robert Parker Hotels. All guests can now enjoy Hereford beef, sourced from Mr Parker’s very own herd, in a share farming agreement with Haydn and Emma Jones. Not only is the beef served to his collection of hotels, it’s now also being delivered to… Continue Reading

Warm Up with Hereford Beef Curry

3 Beef Curry Recipes It’s certainly colder now that autumn has officially kicked in. Evenings are dark and the colder temperatures have resulted in many of us putting on the heating and choosing to eat our favourite comfort foods. Today we’re sharing Hereford beef curry recipes that taste delicious and will certainly help to keep… Continue Reading

Will the Beef Wellington Become Extinct?

A recent survey suggests that classic dishes such as beef wellington, baked Alsaka and tiramisu are on the verge of dying out. Modern life leaves families with little time to cook from scratch. Younger cooks are more likely to choose fast foods and convenience foods rather than cooking their own meals. This is despite the… Continue Reading

A Rule of Tum Heading to Worcester Arches

A Rule of Tum Gourmet Burgers Heading to the Arches If you love a good burger then you have probably already tried the delicious A Rule of Tum gourmet burger. A Rule of Tum has been delighting their customers with Hereford beef burgers at the Burger Shop in Hereford and The Bookshop restaurant and bar…. Continue Reading

3 Delicious Autumn Beef Recipes

Autumn Beef Recipes The weather is beginning to turn. The nights are certainly feeling colder and the evenings are getting darker earlier. It’s almost that time of year where we pull out our warm jumpers and begin eating comfort food to keep us feeling cosy. With autumn only days away, we thought we’d share some… Continue Reading

Five Great Reasons for Eating Beef

Today we’re sharing five excellent reasons why beef is beneficial to humans and how you can benefit by keeping it in your diet. The following benefits are to be gained particularly from grass-fed cattle, such as Hereford Beef. It’s important to have a healthy, balanced diet that includes meat. Meat works to keep you energised… Continue Reading

Beef Salad Recipes to Get Your Mouth Watering

On hot days many people find their appetite reduces. The upside of this is that no one has to slave over a hot stove for hours. The downside is ensuring the family eat well and get the nourishment they need, without overloading their stomachs. Today we have three beef salad recipes that are easy to… Continue Reading

From Womb to Tomb: why beef is important whatever your age

Fiona Carruthers has spent almost 20 years working as a nutritionist for both the British and New Zealand meat industries.  On her way home in April, after 15 years in New Zealand, Fiona spoke at the World Hereford Conference in Montevideo.  This article outlines her presentation. Humans have been eating meat for millions of years. … Continue Reading

The Beefy Boys for Father's Day

Treat Your Dad to Hereford Beef this Father’s Day

It’s Father’s Day this Sunday. It’s the perfect time to gather the family and go out for some great food together. Here are five excellent food joints where you’ll find Hereford beef on the menu. The Beefy Boys If your dad loves a great burger and a beer we can’t recommend visiting The Beefy Boys… Continue Reading

10 Beef Burger Tips – How to Make Delicious Beef Burgers

It’s hard to resist the BBQ when the sun is shining. Beef burgers are usually on the menu, so we’re sharing some great tips on how to impress your family and friends with gourmet burgers that will leave everyone feeling fully satisfied. Pick quality minced beef from the supermarket, mince your own beef or ask the butcher… Continue Reading